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Posted on: January 13, 2021
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Still waiting!- Application Site

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the application site to open. We are working closely with our developer and they are well aware of the urgency to open the application site. While we are behind the time we usually open, we are optimistic that students will still apply. In fact, we've had many students and parents reach out to us ready to apply the minute the site opens.

A few people have felt nervous about the timing because of a common misconception that many people have. I want to make sure that everyone knows that our application process is NOT first come first serve.

Any student that applies before our priority deadline of February 12 (before 11:59 pm) will be assessed equally. Whether a student applies on January 12 or Feb 12, they have the same chance of getting into their first-choice program. The only thing that matters is their rubric score.

After Feb. 12, we will of course we welcome applications and will continue to assess and place students until programs are full.

With that said, while we typically have much more time for applicants to apply, there will still be nearly 30 days for applicants to apply prior to the priority deadline. The application will still be very quick and straightforward, taking most students less than 10 minutes to apply.