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Need advice about college?

Posted on: November 11, 2020
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Need advice about college?

Sinclair Community College has partnered with Waynesville High School to help students with college decisions. Kristen Mowry, the transition advisor at SCC, can help students align early college credit to all college/career goals for CCP students and also provide services to all students to ensure a clear transition after high school into college. They can provide information about:

·         Registering for CCP courses

·         Understanding how CCP or Tech Prep credits fulfills the requirements of a college credential

·         Declaring a major and building a My Academic Plan (MAP)

·         Financial Aid & Scholarship questions

·         Transition from high school to college

·         Career Planning

·         Completing Sinclair Degree & Certification Programs

·         Transferring completed credits to a different college

·         Enrolling at Sinclair after high school

Spring registration at SCC begins on October 26th, 2020 for current CCP student.

Seniors, the time has come to start the application college process for FALL 2021


Please contact Kristen Mowry for more information:

Phone: 937.512-2966
Email: Kristen.mowry@sinclair.edu
Appointment: https://tinyurl.com/kristen-ta-sinclair