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Wayne Local Communication & Texting Opt-In

Posted on: February 6, 2018
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Sign-Me-Up Directions


***Phone numbers that you add here DO  NOT update your permanent record.  Please contact the building office if you require a permanent record change.  

***Both steps are required in order to receiving both phone calls AND text messages.



Step 1:  Please enter your phone number to receive phone calls and/or text messages.

*(You will be given the option to select which you prefer.)

Please CLICK HERE to enter the telephone number, first and last name, email optional, and check the box at the bottom for DISTRICT ANNOUNCEMENTS.....YOU WILL THEN SEE AN ADDITIONAL BOX APPEAR ASKING YOU TO SELECT VOICE MESSAGING OR TEXTING.  Select the list(s) to which you wish to subscribe. 

*You may add multiple telephone numbers by creating additional entries.

Step 2:  For receiving text messages, you will also be required to OPT-IN from your phone.

If requiring a text message, Opt-In by texting the word  TEC to 64085 .  You will then be prompted to reply YES to the message.


(original post 9-28-17)

*** If you require the removal of numbers that are currently receiving phone messages and you no longer wish to receive messages for emergencies/cancellations/delays, please send message to  EMAIL