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Winter Sports Community Pep Rally

Posted on: March 13, 2019

Waynesville hosted a very enthusiastic gymnasium full of excited and supportive community members for our Community Pep Rally honoring our winter sports. 

Highlights of the evening were our Final Four Girls Basketball Team, 4-time State Champion Swimmer Owen Conley, and Nationals Qualifying and State Champion Cheerleading Squad. 


COMMUNITY SEND OFF:  TONIGHT, March 13 at 7 pm, Waynesville High School invites you to a “Community Send-Off” for the Girls Basketball Team as they head off to the State Tournament escorted by our police and fire departments.

band and a crowd
line of girls in white shirts
people in a line hugging
Like of cheerleaders forming a tunnel
cheerleading tunnel
three people and a banner
people holding a banner
people in a gym
people in a gym
horse in a doorway
two men and a horse
horse wearing an orange blanket and a man
girls in white and a horse
horse and girls petting it
horse and girls petting it