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WLS Supportive Peers Program

Posted on: September 19, 2017
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Supportive Peers' is a program where high school juniors and seniors (sometimes sophomores) use as an elective or give up study hall, and are placed throughout the district to work with students that have special needs. The peers are responsible for monitoring student work in the classroom and assisting their assigned peer(s). They are expected to be a positive role models and advocates for the student(s) with whom they are working with. These student peers give their time to inspire and be that bridge that helps ensure all students achieve academic success.

If your child comes home and mentions that there is a high school peer helper in their classroom, I encourage that your ask them about this student helper. They are specially picked and are known to have the potential to make a monumental impact on the children. It's no secret that these peers are looked up to by children, especially elementary kids. With this in mind, the Peers know and take this responsibility seriously.