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Gifted Services

Gifted Services

Gifted Coordinator

Karen Boggs   Email:

Wayne Local Schools
659 Dayton Rd., Waynesville, OH 45068

Referrals for Subject & Grade Acceleration

All gifted students are eligible to be tested and considered for subject and grade acceleration.

  • A student may be considered for subject acceleration for placement in a classroom with other students who are at a higher grade level (e.g., a Kindergarten student going to a 1st grade room for math).
  • A student may be considered for moving to a higher grade level than would normally be expected for the current year, skipping a grade in school (e.g., moving from 3rd to 5th grade over the summer or starting the year in 2nd grade, moving to 3rd grade during the year, and moving on to 4th grade after the summer).

Parents can contact the gifted coordinators for more information on the subject and grade acceleration policy as defined in the Wayne Board Policy Manual (Sections 5408 & 5410) or they may submit the referral form found on the gifted page of the Wayne Local Schools website.

Please direct any questions to Karen Boggs at kboggs @ For subject and grade accelerations, referral forms should be submitted by April 30th. 

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