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District Profile



The mission of Wayne Local Schools is to, in partnership with the community, develop the intellectual foundation for beneficial life-long learning, the necessary values for success, and the appropriate skills to be an informed, responsible, productive, and adaptive citizen.


The vision of Wayne Local Schools is to provide the highest quality education in a diverse student population with compassion and excellence in all we do.


At Wayne Local Schools we value:

  • Academics
  • Citizenship
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Service. 


As Guiding Principles; we always strive to:

  • Provide and implement a state of the art learning environment and a positive learning community
  • Provide an educational environment that meets the academic needs of all students
  • Provide an educational environment that supports the development of the whole child


Our district’s academic program provides opportunities for all students to reach their full potential.  We provide a meaningful, rigorous, and adaptive curriculum for each student, including:  intellectual skills in written and spoken communication, mathematics, science, technology, social studies, problem-solving, and the tools for application of knowledge.


Important Metrics:  We believe closely monitoring the following metrics are important to sustainable high performance.


  • Continuous Improvement- We are committed to improvement; processes and programs are continually evaluated to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. 


  • Digital Learning - Technology is essential to enhance teaching and learning and to give students a competitive edge in a global market. 


  • Fiscal Stewardship – Financial responsibility ensures that the majority of our funding is spent on classroom instruction.


  • Parent and Community Involvement– Educational experiences are enhanced by our partnerships between the school district and community.


  • Staff Leadership – Student growth and achievement are facilitated by our high-quality staff members.


  • Student Activities – Providing a well-rounded education includes a wide variety of opportunities for our students.


  • Student Leadership – Students’ experiences are enhanced by serving their school and community.


  • Student Services – A diverse range of student services provide many options to ensure our students receive individualized instruction, enrichment and support.
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